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Flight Delay Pay Partners Programme

A flight delay or cancellation may ruin your customers business trip or dream getaway, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

Flight Delay Pay are here to help you deal with complaints and turn a potential bad customer review into a positive customer service win. We can provide a quick processing of the claim and its validity and provide any necessary legal advice. We act on you and your customers behalf on a No win No fee basis.

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Partners Programme
Partners Programme | Flight Delay Pay

Partners Programme – Help your customers get the compensation they are entitled to.

Few passengers are aware of these consumer rights and many lack the legal knowledge required to claim compensation. Do you know your rights and how much compensation are you entitled to?
Regulation 261/2004 is a European Regulation establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding, flight cancellations and delays of 3 hours or more. It sets out the entitlements of air passengers when a flight that they are scheduled to travel on is delayed or cancelled.
Flight Delay Pay is a team of travel and legal professionals with vast knowledge and many years of experience working with European Passenger Rights. We work with airlines and passengers all over the world and take on claims up to 6 years back. We understand your pain, so let us take the strain and handle the claim.

Partners Program – We pay you for every successful claim.

We do not get paid until you do! We don’t charge anything unless we help the passenger (your client) get their compensation, so there’s no downside in referring your customers to FlightDelayPay. No fees in advance, even if we have to take legal steps. If we succeed at claiming the compensation from the airline we will only charge a success fee of just 25% of the successful claim, plus £25 per passenger admin fee. Better yet, we’ll pay you commission for each successful claim you send our way. Our fees are the lowest fees of the reputable claim companies, we will not be beaten on price. Find a cheaper rate and we will match it.

Partners Programme – How much can i claim?

If your flight was delayed by three or more hours and this wasn’t the result of extraordinary circumstances, you are entitled to financial compensation.

The compensation amount is determined by Regulation (EC) 261/2004 and is dependent on a number of variables. We calculate your compensation based on the distance of your flight and the length of your delay. The regulations apply to all European and non-European airlines, but if your flight departed from a non-EU airport there are some additional conditions the flight must meet. If you’re flying from a non-European airport to a European airport, the operating airline must be European in order for you to qualify for compensation. Of course, this is something we will check when you submit your claim.

Aside from financial compensation you are also entitled to receive care from the airline in the event of a delay, cancellation or overbooking. This includes food, drinks and/or refreshments, two free phone calls, fax messages or emails, and in some cases hotel accommodation. If you incur expenses at the airport as a result of not receiving this care, you may be entitled to a refund for these costs.

Flight Distance Length of Delay Compensation Amount
Up to 1,500 kms 3 hrs or more €250
1,501kms – 3,500 kms 3 hrs or more €400
Over 3,500 kms
Between 2 member states
3 hrs or more €400
Over 3,500 kms 3 to 4 hrs €300
Over 3,500 kms 4 hrs or more €600

When rerouting is offered and passengers arrive within 2 hours for distance of less than 1500 kms, 3 hours 1,501 kms to 3,500 kms, 4 hours over 3,500kms – The compensation is halved

More information can be found on our Your Rights page