23 Airport Hacks you can’t live without (2022 Edition)

How to survive the airport in 2022!

Hack #1 – Always check the status of your flight before heading to the airport

Checking your flight’s status before leaving home can give you a quick heads up of what to expect. If your flight has been delayed, you won’t need to rush to the airport and if it has been canceled, you can get on the phone to re-book another flight.

Hack #2 – Check in Online

Unless you require a particular seat, we recommend waiting until you can select a free seat 24 hours before your flight. This allows you to avoid waiting in the check-in line at the airport, which is great if you’re traveling with just carry-on luggage.

For those who need to check their luggage, head to the airline kiosk to print your baggage tag (and boarding pass if you don’t already have an electronic copy). This can save you time and you might be allowed to head straight to the baggage line after, instead of waiting in the check-in line.

Hack #3 – Weigh your bags before going to the airport

You have to pay through the eyeballs if your just one gram over, so if you dont fancy leaving clothes in the airport bin, weigh your luggage before travelling to the  airport. The easiest way is to simply step on the bathroom scales and weigh yourself. Step off, then pick up the luggage and step back onto the scale. Subtract your weight without the suitcase from your weight with the suitcase. You won’t get an exact number, but it will be close, and you wont have spent that extra cash before arriving at your holiday destination.

Hack #4 – Customize Your Luggage


Use a bright-colored ribbon or luggage tag so it’ll be easy to identify. Your luggage will stand out among all the black suitcases at baggage claim.

We also recommend using a hard shell luggage case since they can be sturdier than soft-sided luggage and are a breeze to clean.

Hack #5 – Fly the Red Eye

Evening flights are often cheaper than earlier flights, and the airport is usually less busy at this time too. Get some sleep on the plane and wake up in the morning at your destination to make the most of your trip.

Hack #6 – Wear layers on travel days


Wearing layers is a simple travel tip that bears repeating for multiple reasons: One, you never know how hot or cold the airport or the plane will be, and two, it’s smart to free up some space in your luggage.So whether your bag is close to the weight limit or you need to make room for souvenirs on your way home, layering up is the simplest way to handle things.

Hack #7 – Snap a photo of your parking spot

If you’re using airport parking, don’t rely on your memory to recallthat you parked in A18. Take a photo of the sign closest to your parking spot, so you can scroll back on your phone and refresh your memory when you return from your trip.

Hack #8 – Stay Close to Business Check-in

They occasionally show mercy and take people in from the common queue, possibily making it quicker

On busy travel days, check-in counter lines can add stress. Some frequent flyers believe in getting in the check-in line that is closest to the line exclusively reserved for first-class and business travelers.

If the regular queue gets long, the counter agent may wave over a few standard travelers to expedite the check-in process, so proximity to that line means that you will get served faster. There’s no guarantee, as this depends heavily on airline, airport, and traffic levels, but it never hurts to try.

Hack #9 – Book the best seats with Seat Guru

Do you always seem to get the eats at the back of the plane or right over the wing? Use Seat Guru to find out what are the best seats on the plane. If you’re a window-seat flyer headed somewhere with great views, the app can help you determine which side of the plane will give you the best views. It will also show you the seats with a touch more legroom or power outlets, which can be an invaluable asset for students.

Hack #10 – Know the Rules


To avoid any problems at airport security, spend a few minutes getting familiar with all the rules. Know what you can bring on board the plane and which items are restricted. We’ve all see people having to throw out drinks, makeup, toothpaste and other liquids because they were over the allotted 3.4 oz (100 ml) limit

Hack #11 – And Don’t be that Person

We all know the person. Luggage bag open, trying to find something or make some fit. Holding up the line. Make sure your devices and liquid bags are easy to take out for screening.

Hack #12 – Thirsty?


Bring an empty water bottle through security, then fill it up later. You can’t carry liquids through the security line with you, but you can take along an empty water bottle. Never chuck your bottled water at airport security. Instead, drain out the water and hang onto the bottle, then refill at water fountains once you’re through security. You’ll save money by reusing the water bottle, and you’ll also help save the environment by reducing single-use plastic consumption.

Hack #13 – Empty Your Pockets

Your queueing for security, not groceries

Hack #14 – Pack Snacks


Why pay through the nose for a bag of trail mix at the airport when you can pack your own snacks at home and save money? Packing snacks and meals for travel days isn’t just something you should do for toddlers. Every dollar you spend at the airport cuts into the amount you’ll have at your destination, so it makes financial sense to plan ahead and cut costs where you can.

Place all your travel snacks in one bag or in an easy-to-access part of your carry-on, since many security officials now want to screen your snacks. Snacks in solid packaging may be subject to extra screening or opened by airport security, so to get around this, pre-portion snacks in clear plastic bags.

Hack #15 – Queue Left

Research suggests that since most people are right handed, they will naturally prefer right hand lanes.

Hack #16 – Offline Survival

We are all addicted to technology, after all, it makes our life much easier and even made this awesome guide you’re reading possible. But just in case there is no free WiFi in your airport or super slow because every single person in this airport is connected to it, it’s a good idea to download your online boarding pass and the airport map on your phone. Or even print them. That way, if your boarding paperwork gets messed up, wet or lost, you can still check in easily.

Hack #17 – Bring a Portable Charger

In today’s world, we want our electronics charged and ready to use at all times. Those who rely on their phones to call for a pick-up once they reach their destination may start to panic when they see a red 10% battery charge in the top corner. To avoid dead cell phones and other electronics, pack a portable battery charger. With a portable charger, you won’t have to track down an outlet if your phone’s battery

Hack #18 – Bring a Power Splitter

Power outlets can be scarce. Splitters are cheap solution (and can make you new friends)

Hack #19 – Use Headphones


…For noise cancellation, not music. This way you wont miss important announcements.

Hack #20 – Wear Glasses Instead of Contacts

Our skin and eyes feel drier during flights. Wearing glasses rather than contacts can help keep your eyes from drying out. Adding eye drops and hand lotion to your carry-on checklist can keep your eyes and skin moisturized throughout the flight.

Hack #21 – Bring Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes

Enough said.

Hack #22 – Expect the Unexpected!

Sometimes luggage goes missing, so carry the essentials (and some spare clothes) in the hand baggage.

Hack #23 – Board Last


Instead of storming the gate, wait it out and get some work done. If the plane’s not full, you can pick any free seat (maybe even in first class if you’ve got a nice poker face)


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