• How do I claim compensation for a delayed Flight

How do I claim compensation for a delayed Flight under EU261/2004?

It is estimated that 120,000 flights were delayed and  4,000 flights were cancelled in 2016.  This means that millions of pounds are owed in compensation to passengers.  However only 5% of passengers bother to claim.  We will walk you through how to claim for compensation for a delayed Flight under EU261/2004.

Please note it is not the airline that you booked your tickets with that is liable but the actual carrier.  Often Airlines asked another airline to operate the service so remember “It’s the metal that you fly in” who are responsible for the EU compensation.

The qualification is that your flight must be at least three hours late and not due to “extraordinary circumstances”. The compensation due is calculated on the length of the flight.

What information do you need to start your claim?

  • Your date of flight
  • Your flight number
  • Start Airport
  • Destination airport
  • Your booking reference
  • The Name as used on the ticket
  • Names of other passengers you wish to claim for so long as you are all on the same booking.
  • Reason for the delay if known

What are exceptional circumstances?

As mentioned above the Airline is not liable if they can show the delay was due to “extraordinary circumstances” so what are “extra ordinary circumstances”. The following circumstances which are all beyond the control of the airline are exceptional circumstances:

  • Acts of terrorism
  • Security risks
  • Extreme weather volcanic ash
  • Political unrest
  • Industrial action strikes not relating to the airline
  • Hidden manufacturing defects

What compensation can I expect for delays if my delay was in excess of three hours:

Eur 250                 any flight under 1,500km

Eur 400                 any flight 1501 kms to 3,500km

Eur 300                 any fight over 3501 kms

Eur 600                 any flight over 3501 kms and over 4 hours late

Do I have to be an EU citizen to claim?

No, the law is applicable to European airspace.  It applies to EU countries plus Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.  It is not necessary that you live within the EU.

Should I use a claim company?

We passionately believe in Flightdelaypay as we provide a bespoke service for a fee of only 20% plus £25 per passenger – these are the best terms in the market. Our services include:

  • The threat of legal action is imperative to secure a timely response from Airlines. We often take legal action where we believe we good chance of winning.
  • A knowledge of the law is also essential
  • Data on delayed flights and weather conditions is a requirement in order to assess the airlines response.
  • Details of who to contact and how.

Is there a deadline for claiming?

Yes ,a claim must be made six years after the date of the effected flight

Click on “Start my claim”  to commence your journey to your compensation today.

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