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How it works

Was your flight delayed, cancelled or overbooked? Were you denied boarding? Claim your flight delay compensation now! Your air passenger rights could entitle you to compensation of up to €600 per passenger*.

Claiming is simple and hassle-free. Our online calculator will check your claim and tell you how much you are owed and our easy to fill in form takes only 3 minutes to complete!

*Amounts vary. Charges deductible. Terms apply

Check your Flight for Compensation
How it works

Submit your claim in 3 minutes

Airlines often tell people they can’t claim flight delay compensation when they’re actually entitled to hundreds of pounds. This is where we come in: we offer assistance and legal aid where it’s required. You can immediately find out how much compensation you may be owed by using our clever Claims Calculator. It’s completely free of commitment. If you wish to proceed in filing a claim you can your full details quickly and easily via our simple form. The whole process takes less than 3 minutes. Our team of claim experts will start working on your case right away in order to make sure you receive the compensation you’re legally entitled to. No win, no fee!

How much flight delay compensation can you claim?

If your flight was delayed by three or more hours and this wasn’t the result of extraordinary circumstances, you are entitled to financial compensation. The compensation amount is determined by Regulation (EC) 261/2004 and is dependent on a number of variables. The regulations apply to all European and non-European airlines, but if your flight departed from a non-EU airport there are some additional conditions the flight must meet.


How it works – Our process explained

Step #1 – Submit your flight delay claim to us

You can immediately find out how much compensation you may be owed by using our clever Claims Calculator. It’s completely free of commitment. If you wish to proceed in filing a claim you can submit your full details quickly and easily via our simple form. The whole process takes less than 3 minutes.

Check your Flight for Compensation

Step #2 – Assessment

As soon as you submit your flight delay claim, our experts will start working on your case right away in order to make sure you receive the compensation to which you are legally entitled.

Each claim is assessed and screened against our worldwide flight data and weather checker. We also investigate case studies, legistlation, court rulings and any possible extraordinary circumstances that the airline may claim.

Documents are drafted and sent to The Airline as appropriate .

  • Flight database verifies claim

  • Weather data assessed

  • Court rulings & case studies collected

  • Documents drafted, ready to send to airline.


the  We will make sure the relevant and additional communication and reminders are sent and the Airlines responses are vetted. Throughout our process, we will always choose the quickest and most effective course of action. Our team will update you on your claim’s progress via email as the case progresses.

In most cases they are slow even to volunteer information about passenger rights and wait for passengers to make a claim through companies offering this service like ourselves and then in some cases insist through the terms and conditions of carriage that the passenger must before instructing a third party to assist with the claim submit the claim direct to the airline and allow them 28 days to respond. If a passenger chooses to use the Airlines web portal as you are encouraged to do it is often difficult to navigate and passengers frequently fail to successfully submit a claim. If a claim is lodged successfully you may receive no response at all or very often a stock reply that the claim does not qualify for compensation for a broad range of technical reasons which you will struggle to understand. The best way to get your compensation is to give us the case and leave it in our hands as we know all the tricks of the trade, what the law says and we can easily issue your claim at our expense if we think you are entitled to compensation.

Where an airline requires you to submit your claim directly to them before instructing us to proceed you must abide by this and therefore we ask you to approve and give your signature electronically to your letter to the airline. When you click to submit your claim to us you agree to add your signature electronically to this letter and that we should send it on your behalf.

How it works

Step #4 – Legal Proceedings

Sometimes airlines will fail to respond to our communications and reminders or simply refuse to pay out on what we believe to be a valid claim. In those cases, we will issue legal proceedings against the airline by way of a ‘Letter before Action’. Our process is to ask all our clients (the passengers) to sign a Letter of Authority/Instruction so should we need to issue proceedings there is no delay in sourcing the required documentation.

To stop the airlines separating you from your chosen solicitor we ask you to assign to us the proceeds of your claim for compensation. We do not ask you to assign the claim itself of which you will remain in full control and we will ask you for your instructions as to how this should proceed. You will be the claimant and we will act under our No Win No fee agreement. By assigning to us the process of your claim the airline must pay the compensation to our CLIENT ACCOUNT where it is safe. As fully insured and regulated solicitors you will know that we will always keep your money safe and pay you. As the airlines have to pay our CLIENT ACCOUNT they cannot ignore your claim presented to them through us. Further they will understand that there is more time and money to be lost in requiring you to jump through the hoops of their website portals or requiring you to write to them directly. The airlines will say that they want to deal with the passengers direct because you will receive all your compensation and pay nothing for our services. Clearly it makes no difference in cash terms who they pay and in our view the real motivation of the Airlines is to detach passengers from their claims specialist solicitors who are more informed better equipped and more willing and able to bring proceedings against them which the airlines do not want this as they pay out on more money. Put simply with our help more claims processed in a shorter time and you will get paid quicker . By the simple device of assignment of the proceeds of your claim we get and keep the attention of the airlines until your claim is paid. It is important that you understand the terms of the assignment as by submitting your claim to us you agree to assign the proceeds of your claim to us.

When we take a claim to court, this leads to a payout to the passengers in 95% of the cases.

Client Care letter and Retainer Documents 

As a Solicitor we are obliged to set what we do and tell you your rights.  We do this in our Client Care letter and terms of business . Click the link after point #5.  By submitting a claim you are agreeing to this retainer and you should therefore read it.  These together with our conditional fee agreement set out how will help you. 

  • Letter before action

  • Claim issued with court

  • Experienced solicitor

  • 97% win rate

  • No additional fees

Step #5 – No win, no fee

We do not get paid until you do! We will process your claim and only charge you 25% of the total compensation* once your claim is successful. No fees in advance, even if we have to take legal steps. All court costs and court fees are covered – no charge to you.

Flight Delay Pay is a team of travel and legal professionals with vast knowledge and many years of experience working with European Passenger Rights. We work with airlines and passengers all over the world and take on claims up to 6 years back. We understand your pain, so let us take the strain and handle your claim. Submit your claim today!


*See Terms and Conditions for full details

Example: 2 passengers claiming compensation on a 4+ hour delayed flight from London Heathrow to Orlando International. Compensation total value of £1,056.00

% of claim fee Admin fee VAT What you get
Flightdelays 29% £25 20% £658.51
Myflightdelayed 30% 20% £675.84
Flightright 30% 20% £675.84
Bottonline 25% £50 20% £679.20
EU claim 25% £50 20% £679.20
Flight Delay Pay 25% £25 0% £742.00

How it works – A comparison

The best way to get your compensation is using Flight Delay Pay & Air Passenger Solicitors.

Trying it yourself
Extremely time-consuming
Small chance of success
No databases to check information
Claims Company
Can be Expensive
Not Regulated
Delay in receiving compensation
Airlines reluctant to cooperate