What to do if you have claim against Wizz Air for a cancelled or delayed flight

We have noticed that Wizz Air have failed to acknowledge claims and have failed to pay compensation when awarded either by the UK courts or by Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) organisations.

What evidence do we have for this statement?  Well it comes from our own experience in dealing with Wizz Air and from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) who in their third quarter report noted that Wizz Air are ranked the worst performing Airline when dealing with customer claims for compensation. They have the most claims with ADR and with the CAA own in-house claims team being 811 complaints per million passengers.

>>> Wizz Air named worst airline for UK-departing flight delays (Guardian.com)

The next in the league table of poor performing claim payers is Royal Brunei Airlines who had 555 complaints per million passengers.  All other Airlines had less than half as much as Wizz Air meaning there is some underlying reason for their poor performance.  This is something that should be addressed by the Civil Aviation Authority

We are pleased to note the Civil Aviation has taken action and spoken to Wizz Air who have undertaken to resolve the payment of outstanding claims.

We have checked with the Civil Courts register of County Court Judgements and note that on 28th December 2022 Wizz Air based at Navigation House in Luton Airport had 19 unsettled judgements dating form 2018 to 2022. The total debt was £28,235*.  The CAA advised that this is unacceptable and Wizz Air had promised to clear all ADR claims by Christmas and thereafter work towards settling the backlog of County Court awards.  The CAA has responded to say it will monitor the situation. We believe stronger action should be taken as some passengers have been waiting four years!  As you will see from the comments below Wizz has promised to pay outstanding CCJs by the end of January 2023.

We have extracted the following quotes from the Civil Aviation blog

Anna Bowles, Head of Consumer Policy & Enforcement at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said:

“Passengers have every right to expect their complaints and claims to be resolved quickly and efficiently and to be treated fairly by airlines. The volume of complaints and claims received by ADR in respect of Wizz Air is far higher than those seen for other airlines. This, alongside the delays in processing and paying claims and the large number of County Court Judgements made against Wizz Air, has raised significant concerns for the CAA. We have made it clear to Wizz Air that its behaviour is unacceptable and that we expect overdue complaints and claims to be resolved in advance of Christmas. We understand the payment of County Court Judgements may continue into January, but we are encouraging Wizz Air to ensure that the payment of these is also prioritised. We will continue to monitor the situation. Where we have evidence that an airline is letting passengers down, we won’t hesitate to take further action where required.”

We at Air Passenger Solicitors did have two outstanding county court judgements . We instructed the High court bailiffs to secure payment which was duly done

What should I do if I have a claim against Wizz Air

We recommend that you use a firm of Solicitors who can progress the matter through the courts and obtain a judgement.  If this remains unsettled then it is possible to instruct bailiffs who have the power to seize goods to the value of the claim.

If you wish to make a claim go to


The Civil Aviation authority (CAA.co.uk) is the statutory corporation which regulates all aspects of civil aviation including aerospace.

*Trustonline is a trading style of Registry Trust Limited – operates the Registry of judgements for England and Wales under contract to the Lord Chancellor.  (https://www.trustonline.org.uk/


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