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1909, 2017

RyanAir flight cancellation fiasco – What are your compensation rights?

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RyanAir flight cancellation fiasco - What are your compensation rights? Ryanair has been hit by a shortage of pilots and difficulty in allowing leave to its current who have planned leave. This a developing story. Initially, Ryanair announced [...]

1708, 2017

Why are UK holidaymakers facing longer security checks?

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Why are UK holidaymakers facing longer security checks and can I claim under EU261/2004 if I miss my flight?  New security measures have been brought into effect in a response to terrorist acts in France and Belgium. This [...]

808, 2017

Why does litigation take so long? The Flight Delay Compensation Process explained

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We are frequently asked “Why does litigation take so long and when will we receive our compensation?” We have therefore put together a guide to explain the process stage by stage. All flight compensation claims are dealt with [...]

108, 2017

Air Traffic Control (ATC) strikes – What are your compensation rights?

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This Summer has been plagued by Air Traffic Control (ATC) strikes in various European countries as well as strikes by Airline staff. The most notable Airline Strike has been the recent one by Mixed Fleet staff of British [...]

2107, 2017

What is a codesharing agreement and why is it important when claiming?

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What is a codeshare agreement and why is it important when claiming EU261/2004 compensation? A codeshare agreement, is an aviation business arrangement where two or more airlines share the same flight. Sharing, means that each airline publishes and markets [...]

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