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2306, 2022

My flight was cancelled – Can i claim compensation?

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What are my rights if my flight is cancelled? EU261/2004 regulation explained. Recently my easyjet flight was cancelled flying from Bilboa to Gatwick. The situation on the ground was very different from the guidance given by the regulations.  [...]

1306, 2022

23 Airport Hacks you can’t live without (2022 Edition)

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How to survive the airport in 2022! Hack #1 - Always check the status of your flight before heading to the airport Checking your flight’s status before leaving home can give you a quick heads up of [...]

1901, 2021

Flight Compensation – EU 261/2004 – What happens now post Brexit?

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Brexit and EU261/2004 – An update on your Passenger RightsBrexit has finally, after a 12 month extension, been agreed and the United Kingdom left the EU on 31st December 2020.  What does this mean for the European Passenger [...]

1712, 2020

Great news for passengers wishing to begin a Regulation (EC)261/2004 claim against Ryanair

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Ryanair v Delayfix formerly Passenger Rights sp zoo 18 November 2020 ECJ ruling The European Court of Justice (“ECJ “) has decreed in the above case that Ryanair’s contractual condition restricting the right of passengers to bring [...]

1712, 2020

In-Flight risk of Covid 19 transmission is rare – Why?

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Lets start with a few facts. Since the beginning of 2020 there have been 44 cases out of 1.2 billion passengers where Covid 19 has been associated with air travel. That works out to one in twenty seven [...]

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