• Which Airline is the best at settling claims for compensation?

Which Airline is the best at settling claims for compensation?

What is the best airline for compensation?

Unfortunately, Flight Delays happen all the time. Each year it is estimated that over 30 million European air passengers suffer from flight delays and cancellations and only 9% are aware of their rights.

Focusing on the arrivals/departures from the UK, a recent survey from Which revealed the worst performing airlines in 2017. Researchers analysed Civil Aviation Authority figures and concluded only 66 per cent of arrivals on Britain’s biggest budget airline met the industry definition of “on time”, which allows for a quarter-hour delay.

One in three easyJet flights arrived at least 15 minutes late last year.

Researchers analysed Civil Aviation Authority figures and concluded only 66 per cent of arrivals on Britain’s biggest budget airline met the industry definition of “on time”, which allows for a quarter-hour delay.

Survey finds easyJet least punctual UK airline, with Flybe the most on time.Top of the table overall was the Dutch airline KLM with 88 per cent on time. Qatar Airways (86) and Iberia (84) took the next two places. The three worst-performers overall offer budget transatlantic flights: Norwegian (60 per cent), Icelandair (56) and Air Transat of Canada (55).

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Since 2004, European airline companies need to financially compensate air passengers in accordance with regulation EC 261/2004. If your flight was delayed by three or more hours and this wasn’t the result of extraordinary circumstances, you are entitled to financial compensation.

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Flight Delay Pay have used their database of claims to rate the Airline who is the best at handling Passenger claims for compensation under EU regulation 261/2004.

We have compiled this guide so that customers are aware of how they might be treated should there be a Flight Delay claim. Flight Delay claims can be difficult from a legal point of view and we rely on the Airlines to accurately supply information so that passenger’s representatives can evaluate whether a claim falls under the extraordinary circumstances defence. Often Airlines will simply say it was caused by extraordinary circumstances which prevents a review of the facts.  It is essential Airlines provide details to passengers.

Remember Airlines must demonstrate that the delay or cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided if all reasonable measures had been taken.

The Airlines are obliged to supply evidence of extraordinary circumstances and what they did to avoid the delay.  However, regularly we are simply advised by the Airline that extraordinary circumstance apply. Sometimes we are told unexpected operational issues or flight safety issues. When airlines supply evidenced based reasons you can generally be sure are correct. Such data often includes MEttar readings.

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The Best Airlines For Flight Delay Compensation

We have measured a selection of the most well-know Airlines flying from Europe by using five key questions:

  1. Does the Airline insist on additional information not required under EU261/2004 guidelines?
  2. Does the Airline respond to the initial claim within 30 days?
  3. If extraordinary circumstances are claimed are these explained?
  4. If the claim is agreed does the money arrive within 14 days?
  5. How easy is it to deal with the Airlines legal team?

We have surveyed the airlines and assigned points based our own in-house points scoring system. We have awarded an overall star rating based on our experiences in claiming compensation.

Rank Airline Country Our Score Our Star Rating
#1 WestJet Canada 25/25 ★★★★★
#2 SAS Sweden 22/25 ★★★★
#3 Flybe UK 22/25 ★★★★
#4 Eastern Airways UK 22/25 ★★★★
#5 Saudia Arabian Airlines Saudia Arabia 22/25 ★★★★
#6 easyJet UK 21/25 ★★★★
#7 Virgin Atlantic UK 19/25 ★★★
#8 AlbaStar Spain 19/25 ★★★
#9 British Airways UK 17/25 ★★★
#10 BMI UK 16/25 ★★★
#11 Tui UK 16/25 ★★★
#12 American Airlines USA 16/25 ★★★
#13 Qatar Airways Qatar 16/25 ★★★
#14 Lufthansa Germany 16/25 ★★★
#15 Norwegian Norway 15/25 ★★★
#16 Etihad UAE 15/25 ★★★
#17 Finnair Finland 15/25 ★★★
#18 South African Airways South Africa 15/25 ★★★
#19 Thomas Cook UK 14/25 ★★
#20 Wizz Air Hungary 14/25 ★★
#21 Emirates Abu Dhabi 14/25 ★★
#22 Vueling Spain 14/25 ★★
#23 KLM Netherlands 12/25 ★★
#24 Tap Portugal Portugal 12/25 ★★
#25 Air France France 9/25 ★★
#26 RyanAir Ireland 5/25
#27 PIA Pakistan 5/25
#28 Air India India 5/25
#29 Delta USA 3/25
#30 Turkish Airlines Turkey 3/25

Ryanair insist that customers use their website to make claims and then fail to explain which extraordinary circumstances are applicable simply saying “at first glance it does appear that this is not a valid EU261 claim and therefore no compensation is payable”. Ryanair also include a jurisdiction clause when selling their tickets that restrict solicitors from bringing an action in the UK and only allows actions to be brought in the Irish courts.  This is against natural justice and pushes up the costs of bringing a claim.  Our view is that the Civil Aviation Authority should outlaw such actions.

Norwegian Air has a policy of not explaining which extraordinary circumstances is applicable thus preventing the customer’s solicitor from assessing the likelihood of a successful litigation.  The Airlines hold most of the cards in that they have records which detail exactly what happened.  Pre-action protocol stipulates that reasons that would prevent an action should be disclosed.  Again, the Civil Aviation Authority should step in.

easyJet can be commended for providing a full explanation when extraordinary circumstances apply. This will prevent unnecessary litigation.

Flight Delay Pay is a team of travel and legal professionals with vast knowledge and many years of experience working with European Passenger Rights. We work with airlines and passengers all over the world and take on claims up to 6 years back. If you think your claim fits within the eu261 regulations then claim with us now! Let us take the strain and handle your claim. No win, no fee!

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