British Airways suffers another IT failure causing 100s of flights to be cancelled. What are your rights?

British Airways says it has fixed the IT glitch which caused more than 100 flights to be cancelled and more than 200 others to be delayed today (Wednesday 7th August, 2019) at Heathrow, Gatwick and other UK airports. The airline said the issue was not a global problem, and involved two separate systems – one which deals with online check in, the other that deals with flight departures. The issues were affecting flights across its network but not at every airport, it added.

Not a good week for British Airways, following reports of flight having to be evacuated after smoke filled the cabin – Source BBC

What rights do affected passengers have?

BA has a duty of care to passengers whose flights have been affected. Rights include:

  • If the flight is cancelled, the airline must get them on an alternative flight to their destination. That might be a re-routed flight, perhaps including a stopover, or the next available direct flight. They can put customers on a flight with a different airline
  • Some passengers will choose to take a refund instead, but the airline’s duty of care ends at that moment. That means someone who takes the refund and books their own – more expensive – alternative flight is unlikely to have the difference reimbursed
  • If a flight is still expected to depart, but late, then passengers will initially have to wait, but after a certain amount of time the airline should offer food, drink, and – if necessary – overnight accommodation. For delays of more than five hours, passengers get the same rights as they would if the flight was cancelled

The key test for a claim under these circumstances is whether the fault with the IT system lies with the Airline or a third party contractor.  The fault must be within the control of the airline for compensation to be due.

In this case – when the disruption appears to be the fault of the airline – passengers may well be entitled to additional compensation under EU rules. This requires passengers to make a claim to the airline, and the level of payout depends on the type of flight and the length of delay.

Distance of Flight

Up to 1500 kms – Eur 250 per passenger

1501 to 3,500 kms – Eur 400 per passenger

3501kms and above – Eur 600 per passenger

For missed connections the compensation is the same provided the flight is over three hours late at the final destination.

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