• Predict Flight Delays

Predict Flight Delays

Don’t you just wish that you could predict the future sometimes? Not even to know the outcome of a horse race before you place a bet, or glean the winning lottery numbers in advance (although both would be nice).

For most of us it would be enough to be able to pre-empt those everyday annoyances in life that can disrupt our schedule and plunge our carefully laid plans into calamity.

Flight delays are an extremely inconvenient example of this. If only there were some way in which we could predict flight delays and mitigate the stress and the strain that they bring to our lives.

Of course there’s no surefire way to predict flight delays, but you can give yourself a head start by using the resources that are available to you such as…

Keep an eye on the news and weather

In the digital age we all have up to the minute news and weather from all over the world sent to our smartphones. Extreme weather conditions are one of the most common causes of flight delays and cancellations.

Modern aeroplanes are designed to fly in a wide range of weather conditions but in the event of newsworthy weather they are likely to be temporarily grounded. Around 10% of flights are delayed due to bad weather. The more you know about incoming weather conditions, the more options you have to change your travel plans.

Contact the airline

There are certainly slicker and faster ways to potentially predict flight delays but if you prefer to talk to an actual human being, you can always contact your chosen airline.

Not only can an airline operative keep you abreast of issues which may affect your flight’s departure time they can also book you onto an alternative flight if it looks likely that a delay will send your plans into disarray.

Use digital tools

For the app enthusiast there are now a plethora of digital tools, apps, and websites which allow you to potentially preempt issues which may result in delays. Some great ones include;

    • Google Flights- This awesome tool doesn’t just pull informations from airlines, it uses complex algorithms to detect potential delays before the airlines even know about them.

  • Know Delay- A handy online service that helps you to predict flight delays caused by extremes of weather. It alerts you well in advance so that you can make alternative arrangements. Here’s how it works.

  • Flight Stats- Flightstats.com is a website that gives you accurate real-time information on your flight. It even uses historical performance to check the reliability of your chosen flight.

When all else fails… Flight Delay Pay has your back!

Of course, even with the most organised mind and a wealth of digital tools at your disposal, nobody can accurately predict when their flight will be delayed. However, even if the worst should happen it’s important to remember that you have rights. EU regulations have been put in place to ensure that there are common compensatory rules among airlines for passengers who have been affected by delays or cancellations.

Flight Delay Pay can help you to get the compensation you need if you have been drastically inconvenienced by a delayed flight. Simply input your flight details here to see if you are entitled to compensation from the airline.

If you have a legitimate claim we’ll help you through every step of the procedure to ensure that you get what you deserve!

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